All Parents/students are expected to abide by the terms and conditions set out below. In the unlikely event of failing to do so, a customer may be requested to discontinue classes and a refund will not be eligible in these circumstances.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Students should aim to be on time for the start of class to ensure your child doesn’t miss anything and be prompt for collection at the time the class finishes. 
  • Lost property found at classes shall be kept for a period of 3 weeks. If they are not claimed, may be disposed of. 
  • Should you decide to withdraw the student from classes five weeks’ notice is required.
  • Students are expected to behave in a civilised manner towards the tutor and other children, and foul language is not accepted at any time 
  • The tutor reserves the right to require the removal of your child if he/she has not maintained satisfactory standards of conduct or whose presence in the class is held to be disruptive and undesirable and the tutor will notify you should this problem arise. Removal of your child will only take place as a last resort after all other avenues of help & support has been given.
  • The tutor  is only responsible for children within the classroom during scheduled class hours, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected on time.
  • Should your child suffer from a medical condition requiring special care please inform the tutor using the ‘Additional Information’ box
  • Please state on booking whether or not you have any objection to your child being given sweets in any lesson (as a reward, for example).
  • The tutor may wish to involve the local press or use Social Media, when presenting awards to the children or when holding special events to promote the classes. Whilst we will never disclose names, we will use images, unless we have it in writing that you do not wish your child’s image to be used to promote classes. 
  • Parents should inform the tutor of any health issues that may be relevant before the start of term.
  • We recommend your child uses the toilet before every class, as to not interrupt their learning whilst in class.
  • During bad weather you are advised to contact the teacher before setting out to check whether the classes are running.
  • All registered  students are covered by Theatre Studio’s Public Liability Insurance.


  • Payment for classes must be made in blocks of multiple classes prior to the end of each term for the forth coming term. Confirmation of the number will be in the enrolment/re-enrolment information.
  • If payments are late please contact your tutor, otherwise an additional weekly late fee of £5.00 per week may be added. Failure to pay for classes may result in your place being given to another student.
  • All payments are non-refundable and subject to revision from time to time, reasonable notice being given in respect of any such revision.
  • All payments must be made payable to the tutors. Receipts are provided through the booking system.
  • We do not store any information about your bank accounts or credit cards.

 If we need to change class

  • In the unlikely event of “last minute” class time changes by us, you will be notified by your teacher using the number you have supplied as your emergency contact with as much notice as possible. We will not reimburse any expenses caused by a customer failing to pick up their message.
  • We will always try to reschedule any class that has been cancelled by us and you will always be notified ASAP of any changes. You may only claim a credit instead of attending the re-scheduled class if you notify us within 72 hours of notification of the rescheduled class.
  • In the unlikely event of class cancellations by us, your account will be credited for that class. You will be advised of the deduction in your re-enrolment letter for your next term’s payment, or if you are not returning we will refund the class.
  • If insufficient children are booked into your class, we reserve the right to cancel the class. 

 Refund Policy

  • In the event that the student is unable to attend a class due to sickness or holiday, we regret that we are unable to refund you as your payment secures your place for the full term. Except when due to long illness over 4 continuous weeks and supported by a doctor’s note or at the tutor’s discretion. 
  •  If a student chooses to not take part in a class which is taking place within standard operational conditions, they are not eligible for a refund or credit, subject to the tutor’s discretion. 

Complaints Procedure 

We hope you are entirely happy and satisfied with our service. In the event that you are at all unhappy though, please follow this procedure:

  • Contact the Director after the class, on the telephone or email. We will always try to resolve the matter satisfactorily and quickly.

General Information

Any reference to our classes on linked sites or to third party companies, products or services by name does not constitute or infer the endorsement by us.

We accept no liability for any loss or damage of possessions taken to class.

We respect your need for privacy and keep any information that you share with us in confidence. We record your personal information only if you provide it to us when expressing an interest in our services.

We do not share this information with any third parties.